Who’s Who

I’d say about 90% of the people that matter on the web (in my mind anyway) are on the SXSW list of speakers. Anyone I know going? I’m still considering making it there…


m-c turgeon December 7, 2004

j’avoue que ca me travaille.. faudrait que je vérifie avec le boulot d’abord…

Alex December 7, 2004

Moi aussi ça me tente mais il risque d’y avoir conflit d’intéret avec un autre voyage… Je me donne jusqu’au début janvier pour y penser!

karl December 7, 2004

been there, done that. I have been to the SXSW 2003 edition. Big Ego conferences, nothing to learn. or maybe 2003 was just a bad edition.

m-c December 8, 2004

je devrais être fixée début janvier moi aussi, à moin que mon boss m’offre le voyage.. :) :)

Martine December 9, 2004

Patrick, what’s a person who matters on the Web? ;-)

Patrick December 13, 2004

“Matters” meaning an influencer. Wether it’s a designer, a thinker, a techy, someone who produces thoughts or sites or technologies that change the way things are done on the web.

Designers; Bowman, Budd, Cederholm, Coudal, Finck, Fried, Santa Maria, Robinson, Herasimchuk, Hilhorst, Zeldman

The Flickr people; Stewart and Catherina

ia, usability: Clark, Merholz, Becker, Wodtke, Veen,

Guys who built milestones: Haughey, Shea, Newmark, Çelik

Authors: Gladwell, Sterling, Gillmor

And: Greenfield, Ito, etc.

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