Go Habs Go!, Go Habs Go!, Go Habs Go!, Go Habs Go!, Go Habs Go!, Go Habs Go!, Go Habs Go!, Go Habs Go!

Je m’était trompé concernant Théo. Tant mieux.


bits April 19, 2004

Finalement une chance que les jambes de Kovalev ne sont pas en mille miettes. ;-)

GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!

Bill April 20, 2004

Habs fans can BITE ME. The game wasn’t even here and I was kept awake all night by the yelling and the honking – oh dear god, the honking!
I dread them winning, frankly – living where I am I’m not looking forward to another riot. And if the behaviour of the fans last night is anything to go by, they’ll be that excited again. Gah.

lightspeedchick April 20, 2004

Bill, for every time you bitch and moan about something happening downtown, there is a post on your blog about how much you love your location. Sounds like par for the course to me. :)

Bill April 20, 2004

The playoffs are making it very, very easy to leave.

lightspeedchick April 20, 2004

I hope they win everything, but I hope there’s no damage to your place if they do.

Bill April 20, 2004

I’m not worried physically, and I doubt our place would be touched (though the car will be living far, far away for the duration); I just don’t want to have to deal with the atmosphere of violence, if you know what I mean. That same atmosphere of anything goes that makes St. Patrick’s horrible, magnified a hundred times… blech.

tommy April 23, 2004

no worries… they won’t make it past this round.

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