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Once again, nothing much to blog so I dip in my bag of cultural reference questions and come up with…. what are the best tv intros? What’s your favorite song to start up a show? My favorites are (and remember, it’s only the song/music, the show can suck ass):

  • Smallville
  • The OC
  • CSI Miami
  • Third Watch
  • Charmed
  • Buffy
  • NYPD Blue
  • Las Vegas

    Before some people start busting my balls; no, I don’t follow all of those shows but yes, I have watched at least one of each. Which will probably lead to a forthcoming pop culture question but not right now.


lightspeedchick December 5, 2003

Six Feet Under has the best ever opening sequence for a TV show. The song is really good too.

John December 5, 2003

I agree SFU is one of the best.

I like the soft music and the sepia-toned 1950’s style of Trailer Park Boys. I think it’s the only opening credits sequence that could classified as “ironic,” given the show’s content.

Enterprise has combination of nice graphics and a song that should taken out behind the barn and shot.

I loved Canada: A People History. Natives running through the forest, steam engines, men with enormous side-whiskers giving speeches, black and white photos of immigrants set a swelling musical soundtrack. Got me all proud n’ stuff.

Oh, and Chick n’ Swell when it’s on.

bits December 5, 2003

Las Vegas, SFU, Smallville are definately up there on my list, I will had to the list Sex in the City but I have to declare my favorite TV intro to be Charmed’s. Only because The Smiths is my all time, forever, favorite band. Yes, I know the version that is played as the intro is from LOVE SPLIT LOVE but everyone knows that the orgriginal HOW SOON IS NOW is from The Smiths. Skeptics, can see for them selves.

Finaly, even before having read John’s comment I wanted to start a “YOUR WORST TV Intro” list and I would have started it with, yes you guessed it, ENTERPRISE. To me it’s bad enough that I have to Mute, Fast forward or zap durring the intro. Thinking about it is painfull.

Martine December 5, 2003

This is lame, but I can’t stop singing the theme song of Clean Sweep. It’s very effective! :-(

aj December 6, 2003

Ditto Enterprise. Even if they had kept the same Rod Stewart tune but did it as an instrumental, it would improve it 1200%.

The incidental music on Trading Spaces now gets up my nose- they make so much damn money from sponsorships, they can’t write a couple of new “fast forward to show them clearing out the room” bits?

Actually, pretty much the worst incidental music of all belongs to the CBC. Especially that annoying synthy arpeggio they use on the news when showing the stock market report (“doodoodoodooDOOdoodoo”). And the theme to Counterspin uses that same tired old Funky Drummer sample they used in the theme for the much-missed Big Life with Daniel Richler…

You’d think they could hire some known Canadian techno composers to do some themes (Richie Hawtin, Tiga, etc.) but noooo…

That being said, TV themes of the 70s and 80s seemed so much better, because they usually hired a real orchestra to do everything. Even mediocre shows like The Scarecrow + Mrs. King, Mork and Mindy got a bassoon player or two.

Danie December 6, 2003

Dukes of Hazzard
The Ateam (always gave me thrills!)

Patrick December 6, 2003

Clean Sweep?? What’s that?

Aj: The Scarecrow + Mrs. King, Mork and Mindy how do you remember that stuff!!?!

Gen December 7, 2003

J’espère que les commentaires en français ne te dérangent pas trop ;-)

Clean & Sweep c’est une émission qui joue à TLC, un peu dans la même veine que Trading Spaces. Une maison, deux pièces dans un état de désordre lamentable, on fait du ménage, on repeinture, on ajoute du rangement et voilà!

Personnellement, j’aime bien l’intro des Chick n’ Swell et d’Infoman.

Alex December 7, 2003

Six Feet Under is definetely up there, but the Transformers theme song along with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song are my true joints.

Nika December 8, 2003


Nika December 9, 2003

i *might* be in love with Seth!

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