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I’d like some tips concerning ticket shopping. I know a bunch of you now use travel sites to buy tickets but, unless I’ve missed something, I don’t think they are always all that useful, not unless you are willing to put in the time so I’d like to know of alternatives, including kick ass travel agents you might recommend for searches like the following example.

In May I might be going to Slovenia and Croatia, possibly stopping in Paris after or maybe push it back a bit and stop in London while this conference is going on (almost certain I won’t do that part but for the sake of the example I’m adding it). I also heard that Iceland Air offers free stop overs in Iceland when flying to Europe with them. Off the top of my head, here are some possibilities:

1. Flight to: Montréal – Some euro hub (Zurich, Paris, London) – Ljubljana. Flight back the same but stop in Paris for 4-5 days.

2. Same thing but perhaps some kind of train or switching to a cheap airline like Ryan air or some other is less expensive.

3. How about compared with a flight with Iceland Air?

4. Venice is pretty close, so is Prague, maybe there’s a promotion going on that would be more advantageous even if normally it wouldn’t be the best way.

5. Maybe it’s better to land in Zagreb or Dubrovnik instead.

6. What’s the difference between leaving May 1st or 15th, promotions?

7. How about later and a stop in London? Better deals going through London both directions? Push the whole thing back and start with a stop in London?

Obviously, I could simply look for it by myself but most sites require a specific date, I’m somewhat flexible on that, I might miss a deal. Which flight do I search for? The whole way or to Zurich and then search budget flights? There are hundreds of possibilities that require even more hundreds of searches to cover all bases. Is there are a more flexible site I don’t know about or a good old fashion travel agent with experience?

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