I got a few trackbacks lately and I’ve just realized that there are still problems with them, seems MT doesn’t rebuild the entries properly after someone trackbacks them. I’ll look into it although I think it’s a timeout issue so I’m not all that hopefull on a resolution. I’ll make sure to notice when I get an email for a trackback as opposed to a comment and will rebuild the entry myself. If you’ve experienced that on your own blog and found a resolution, I’d like to hear about it.

  1. The short of it is that if you have your own blog, trackback can allow you to write your own post and link it back to the original story.

    I’ve tackbacked to this site simply because my response was too large to leave here in the comment box.

  2. Well, yes, MT does NOT rebuild entries and indexes upon recieving a TrackBack. TypePad, however does. Next release of MT will add this “feature” (ahem, necessity…)

    But yoy didn’t hear it form me. ;)

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