Think Before Pushing

A few of recent projects for which people were pushing for rapid delivery :

  • Ready for three weeks; client hasn’t entered products in system yet.
  • Ready for three months; client hasn’t filled in all sections of site, including the most vital.
  • Ready for two weeks; client hasn’t started entering content yet.
  • Ready to enter content for two and a half months; client hasn’t sent content.

    It’s like the boy who cried wolf, at some point I just don’t believe anyone. Don’t trust people to know on their own when they need things, always try to get validation for deadlines, especially ones that would result in nights or weekends becoming work days. A lot of people tend to ask for quick deliveries without having taken the time to think through the next steps.

    (Even having done that for most of the above projects, you see the result but at least except for one I didn’t end up working overtime for those deliveries.)

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