They’re alive!

Quite a bit of action with projects around me in the last few days. First, last Friday Praized Media released their Facebook app, probably 2/3 of the employees and freelancers who are working on Praized are buddies, including 3-4 who are also members of Station C. Good jobs guys! (and y’all don’t forget to Praize Station C ;) ).

Second, Evan launched, an open source Twitter clone that can also be installed on multiple servers by multiple people/organisations who can then share messages. In other words, this could be the decentralized Twitter many are hoping for. Evan is also one of our resident members at Station and a very early supporter. Oh, and my sweety designed, excellent job both of you.

(sorry for the Station angle, I’m just enjoying it a lot!)

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Evan Prodromou July 3, 2008

Looking forward to being back in the Station again. Launching a Web site a few thousand km away is LONELY.

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