The Office

Some of the funniest moments of the last Golden Globes were the two acceptance speaches by Ricky Gervais of The Office. “I’m from Britain. You know, we ruled the world before you did”. It’s shown on BBC Canada and on that page they say it “returns” February 12th but when I saw part of an episode yesterday they seemed to be saying it’s a new thing. Anyway, funny stuff, I’ll be following I think.


aj January 29, 2004

Watched a bit of it on the free BBC Canada preview they had on Showcase – painfully funny.

And you know, Ricky Gervais used to manage Suede in their early career, so extra Britpop / glam credits there…

BBC Canada’s logo bug is annoying though. Maybe it was just the preview, but they had this opaque, bright UK flag-coloured thingy in the corner of the screen (obscuring faces etc.) and I start to wonder about screen burn-in on something like that…

If they’re standardizing digital TV, why can’t they have an optional “display logo bug” preference in the TV setup? You know, like blocking popup ads. Logo bugs could be some sort of transparent PNG file that are downloaded and composited over the video stream (easy enough to do, like TV channel / volume info), so you could toggle it on and off like a layer in Photoshop…

Patrick January 29, 2004

That would kind of defeat their whole branding purpose now wouldn’t it? ;)

You’re right though, those things are pretty annoying sometimes. I remember watching MI5 and they had a big BBC logo on one side and a HUGE color MI5 logo on the other. Thankfully they came to their senses on the next episode and changed it to something smaller and transparent. Although they kept the two.

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