The Bible Says

This The Bible Says video is a joke right? I mean, they’re trying for SNL no? If it’s true, I’m pretty sure God hates idiots more than fags, I know I do. (via Ftrain)


Philippe-A. January 24, 2007

C’est clair que c’est une joke! Moustache? Chemise rose? “Fight temptation” ? “There’s no backdoor into heaven” ?

Michel January 25, 2007

Oh my dog, that’s like one of those Andy Kaufman skits.

hugh January 25, 2007

i vote for joke too, but it’s hard to tell, there are almost no slips (well, “no backdoor to heaven” is a little over the top). if it is a joke, kudos for them for keeping a straight face the whole way through.

jer January 25, 2007

The damn video is missing from EVERYWHERE!

Some interesting things in this video response from Donnie. He says he’s sick of people judging him for being fat because he was “born that way” with a genetic condition. It could just be a non-sequitir but it seems like it’s a joke about him hassling gay people, i.e. he can’t help but eat more and get fat just like gay people can’t help being gay.

Also, in the same video he mentions a group he’s founding called CHIOPs which stands for “Changing Homosexuals Into Ordinary People”. While this could be serious it reeks not only of an absurd joke (to so flauntingly use ordinary to mean “not evil”) but also of a potential moment for him to let on that it was all a joke, saying that the CHIOPs real goal is to LET gay people be ordinary in the collective consciousness rather than change them to be like straight people…

Michel January 26, 2007

The video can now be found on CollegeHumor:

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