1. I think you nailed it. Really did. My favorite is threadless but only because I didn’t know of all the others. I think shopping for t-shirts online is the best thing cuz you’ll most likely rarely see someone else rocking the same shirt as you on the street. It’s not like you got it at Urban Outfitters amongst the batch of one hundred, you know?

    Nice post.

  2. Thx.

    I havent ordered online all that often though because you’re never quite sure how large is large and what the fabric is going to be like so you might get surprises but yeah, that does go a long way in keeping you from seeing too many people with the same shirt.

  3. Hi .. my favorite t-shirt site was green and yellow .. don’t remember the url :( and i’ve been looking ALL over for it .. does someone recognize it ?? Design ir graphic or something .. :S if u know PLEASE send it to me (e-mail)

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