T-minus 10

Forget Snakes on a motherfucking plane, in 10 days it will be Yulbloggers on a motherfucking plane. A few of us are heading down in Republican country, Austin to be more precise, to attend SXSW Interactive, that’s right, in 3 weeks you’ll all be rid of my constant talking about going, I’ll have been there.

March 10th to 14th we’ll be in the center of web geekdom, rubbing elbows with the bloggeraty. Actually, maybe my elbows will be rubbing the floor more than other people’s, judging by the crazy ass lineup of interesting stuff by day and the no less crazy offerings after dark. Here’s a view of my iCal schedule (click for larger view), having included only the things I’d like to attend at night.

Notice the slight overlaps Sunday and especially Monday. What to do? What to do?


andre February 28, 2006

Don’t forget to go see the bats under the Congress Street Bridge at sunset. Might be a tad too early though.


Patrick February 28, 2006

Sweet! They actually seem to fly out right across the river from the hotel where the conference is! Thanks for the tip, I except to be so busy I haven’t researched anything about the town itself.

andre March 1, 2006

That picture was taken right where there is the word “bike” next to the river (there is a little pier). The sun is setting behind the bridge and the whole thing looks just glorious.

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