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Last week I upgraded my version of Textmate and realized a couple of days ago that it wouldn’t open .rhtml files anymore (Ruby on Rails), I tried everything I could think of, looked high and low on the web, asked a couple of people if they had any ideas (thanks guys), tried a few more things, still no go.

I finally decided to start up my IRC client and checkout the Macromates chatroom (about 40 people there at the time if memory serves), described the bug and got help right way…. from the Macromate himself, Allan Odgaard. He walked me through a number of tests until we found the culprit and fixed the issue.

This post was going to be about how I love the internet for allowing this type of thing but really, if he was running a local electronics store, he would have done the same thing so first it’s a question of kick ass service by a dedicated entrepreneur. Well done.

Still, fun that the internet extends “local” from Montréal to Denmark (I think), letting a community of users come together from around the world and giving the opportunity for a guy to make a living kicking ass.

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