Store It In Google

We already know that some start blogs as a way to keep track of things or of what they were doing at a given time. We also know that almost anything can be Googled so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that some have started using their blogs to “upload” things in Google for future reference.

Both Tom

Anyway – I tried to find a source online for the (rather indifferent, but still apt) review and there wasn’t one. So I thought I’d transcribe it so that if anyone else looked, it would be be there for them to reference.

And Meg did that yesterday.

I write this because I’m sure I’ll have this problem again, and then Google will help me (hi idiot Meg from the future making the same mistakes again!) In the meantime, it may help you.

Nothing new functionality wise, just interesting to note this new way of thinking about the Google – Blog interaction.


Patrick December 13, 2003

Hunh what? They include it on their side so it gets indexed by Google so that next time they or someone else looks for that info it will appear in the results.

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