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Things are moving in Montréal and so people start thinking about howtos and what it means to be a startup. Ben has ten super positives items to list while Evan, who’s been part of a few in the cauldron that is SF, offers up a completely different angle, mentioning “charismatic sociopath” founders.

John at Montréal Startup is talking about Y-Combinator and how the 3 C’s of success apply to their model, interesting insight.

For myself, I’d like to know what people consider startups. We’ve been hearing the word again and again lately in various circles and I think some of those projects are just that, projects, not startups per se. For example, (sorry Sylvain) I think Blog Expert is an interesting project, it’s a couple of people regrouping to offer a service. The small microformat based site I’m working on with Hugh and Heri is a project. Akoha, Austin’s project which is highly hiring oriented lately, looking for financing, etc. is a startup, so is Standout Jobs, so is Praized. Most of the ideas I have would result more in “lifestyle” products than startups. Applications with potentially interesting revenue streams but for a few people to live off of while keeping a life outside of work. Something more like what 37 Signals have been doing.

Now granted, the line can be blurry, one can become the other, but I still think there’s a difference that needs to be kept in mind. What’s you’re definition, does it fit mine?

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