Speaking A Bit

I’m often peeved at people who announce their speaking engagements… after the fact. “Oh yeah, I did this cool presentation last thursday”. Anyway, not sure how cool those will necessarily be but in the spirit of doing what I ask of others, I thought I’d mention two upcoming events where I’ll be standing in front of people and hopefully be interesting.

First up; Pecha Kucha where Dan and I will be giving a presentation about coworking and Station C. That’s this Thursday starting at 8pm.

Next; SXSW Interactive where I’ll co-host a session of the new core conversations, entitled Coworking and the Evolution of the Independent Worker. I threw the idea in the air months back and Alex picked it up and ran with it, we proposed a panel which didn’t make the cut but was liked well enough to get us a session. W00t!!

Core conversations will be a bit like an official BarCamp:

The informal discussions that pop up in the hallways between, during and after panel sessions are one of the most productive parts of the SXSW Interactive Festival. The new Core Conversation program will make it easier for more attendees to participate in these hallway-type exchanges of information by letting them know what kind of discussion is happening when and where. The Core Conversations room will feature six concurrent discussions during each hour-long timeslot.

With panels, core sessions and readings, some time slots have 13 (!!!) concurrent things going on so I’m not sure how big the Core Conversations will be but still, I’m (kinda) speaking at SXSW!

Hope to see you at one of those events.


Alex Hillman March 3, 2008

SO pumped for SXSW! We’re in the speaker roster, that makes us official!

steve March 11, 2008

Man — Sorry I missed this !! How did it go ?

Patrick March 11, 2008

Very well, good conversations, fun to connect with some of the other people starting spaces.

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