Slow Posting

The previous post was the first since Thursday morning. A couple of reasons for this, first the obvious; I didnt find a whole lot to write about. The second reason is a bit more serious though, I’ve been having problems with a weird display and subsequent freezing of my iBook. Seems the problem is somewhat common and requires replacement of the logic board.

With multiple hangings in the last few days and periods of not being able to reboot I’ve done less reading and even lost a browser full of tabs with articles I had found. Since the history was wiped out by Safari when I did a forced shutdown I couldnt easily find them again, it’s like I missed 2 days of news.

Best piece of info yet, my warranty expired 37 days ago! Which means not only do I have to wait for the store’s tech support to open on Tuesday but I might also have to keep it as is for a while because repairs seem to cost between 300$ and 800$ US, not something I necessarily want to pay now (or ever).

All of this to say that posting in the next few days could be thin and replies to comments and emails could be slow. We’ll see how the god of logic boards and that bastard Murphy are feeling.


Alex August 31, 2003

Why dont you jsut re-install the OS. I’m not too keen on IBooks, that’s an expensive repair though, very much. I don’t understand. Is it hardware or software?

Patrick August 31, 2003

I considered reinstalling but it’s a well known and pretty well documented problem, it’s definitely hardware. We’ll see what kind of solution/deal I can find.

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