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I’m considering taking out the design switcher for this site. There are various changes I want to make and I’m not interested in making the corresponding updates to all of the css skins so I’m probably (read almost certainly) going to stick to one design. Which one have you been using?

Poll closed Thanks.


aj January 28, 2004

I gotta say, I like Trabant solely because it’s higher contrast. I have problems reading reversed text at body copy sizes. The blue-on-blue of minimal kinda makes me squint a bit.

I suppose you could crossbreed Fall and Trabant, but then you’d have my site :)

Patrick January 28, 2004

Actually, my bad, I didn’t explain enough. I’m going to keep minimal and then switch to another, I’m not considering going back to the older ones, I was mostly wondering how many people use a style other than the default.

TheDon January 28, 2004

This is probably pretty pertinent info:

I didn’t know you had a style switcher until I took this poll.

P.S. I like “trabant”.

Patrick January 28, 2004

Pertinent: Yes and No. I know what you’re saying but I’m not really offering multiple “equal” skins, just keeping the old ones for people who prefer them when I come up with something new and as a mini showcase for my css skilzz. Which is why it’s not placed prominently in a easy to use place. Thx for the input though.

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