Separated At Birth?

To my knowledge isn’t owned by Netflix but don’t they look very very similar? Similar color scheme, similar wavy backgrounds in the header, similar rounding of buttons. The two guys even look alike! Similar pricing too.

Video rental twins

Last time I checked the smallest package for was 24.95$. Now they have one at 10.95$ which is great since it’s closer to what I spend a month on rentals and only 96¢ more expensive than the smallest Netflix offering. Considering the difference in currency it looks like a good deal. Problem is, on there’s a maximum of 2 titles per month while Netflix is unlimited. Pretty big difference. 2 rentals for 10.95$ isn’t all that good a deal when you’ve got 2-3 video rental places within 10 minutes walk. Too bad, the guys using the service seem to have cute girlfriends ;)

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