Sauber Beemered

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, two F1 posts in 5 days! I’ve been pretty disapointed with Jacquo’s performance this season but still, my first reflex when reading that BMW just bought a majority stake in Sauber was to hope he can manage to keep his job and last until the—no doubt better—new car next year. Remains to be seen. Some say that Massa has to drive a Ferrari engine so he’d be gone but Barrichello might be looking at his seat and some people at BMW don’t like Villeneuve. Silly season should prove interesting.


Jacques Mony June 23, 2005

He has a contract for next year. In F1 terms this means he won’t drive for BMW next year ;-)

Patrick June 24, 2005

I must be dreaming, a comment on one of my F1 posts!!

Julie June 24, 2005

How’s this for a post:

Uuhhh.. what?
I mean, it looks like English…


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