RSS Crazy

Jenny Levine is on an RSS streak lately with a few interesting posts:

Complete or partial content in weblog RSS feeds?

Spartanburg Herald job classifieds

News aggregator at Harvard

Personnaly I’ve been following a good three times as many weblogs and news sources since I’ve been using NetNewsWire as opposed to the old browser only reading “of old” . I do have some problems thought before I can completely trust that new method.

First, people using Blogger have to use various services to produce the feed and as far as I can tell, it’s not very reliable so I have to go “by hand” to their site to make sure I’m not missing anything. That means I can go less often but it still kind of defeats the purpose.

Second, a lot of the feeds dont show the links within the post so you can read it without noticing the related links the blogger might have included.

Third, in some feeds there is no way of knowing if the post is complete or if it goes on in the site so you either miss it or waste time going to the actual blog just to make sure.

Also, I wish there was a way to access the same list of feeds from different places AND know what you’ve already read from anywhere. I know you can export the list and use it somewhere else but then you’ll just get the same headlines when you get back home. (Although maybe there is something available, I havent done any proper research on it, but I doubt it exists.)