Retirement Year

I just realized that it’s been a pretty sad year for me sports wise. First Jacques Villeneuve and BMW split and it’s pretty much a done deal that he won’t be back in F1, a tremendously disappointing end to a still remarquable career. My personal wish for him is to race at the 24 Heures du Mans and win it, I don’t think anyone’s won the Cart and F1 titles and the 24 Heures.

Then Andre Agassi played his last tournament and had an emotional goodbye with the NYC crowd.

And now this Sunday the toughest QB in NFL history and all around great competitor, Brett Favre looks like he’ll be retiring soon, at least from his post season interview. In a game where a lot of careers last only 4-5 years, he started an insane 240 consecutive games over 14 seasons, possibly his highest achievement but he also ranks first in a series of high profile stats and second in a number of others. One of the great ones.