So true, so true;

Process is an embedded reaction to prior stupidity. When I was CTO of a web design firm, I noticed in staff meetings that we only ever talked about process when we were avoiding talking about people. “We need a process to ensure that the client does not get half-finished design sketches” is code for “Greg fucked up.” The problem, of course, is that much of this process nevertheless gets put in place, meaning that an organization slowly forms around avoiding the dumbest behaviors of its mediocre employees, resulting in layers of gunk that keep its best employees from doing interesting work, because they too have to sign The Form Designed to Keep You From Doing The Stupid Thing That One Guy Did Three Years Ago.

From an article on Wikis, Graffiti and Process.

A related note: In the last few weeks I’ve been getting interested in Wikis, even though I’ve known of their existence for a while I never got around to learning much about them, much less using one. It seems to me that there is a lot of content concerning Wikis popping up everywhere lately, am I just noticing them more or is there an actual “wave” happening? Considering all the linking the Pie/Echo/Atom project as been getting I think it might have started people thinking about the technology so maybe it is a wave, anyone else notice that?


laurent August 28, 2003


Ostie que je comprends rien de ce que tu causes dans ton blog!!!

Oui, tu peux effacer ce comment!

Patrick August 29, 2003

Hehe, pas grave. Concentre toi sur les posts books et movies dans ce cas là ;)

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