Kevin “Digg” Rose’s new company and application is out. Pownce is a kind of Twitter++, very similar workings plus more granular way of targeting messages plus file, link and event transfer. I’m liking everything about it so far. Built in Django, desktop app made with Adobe Air, uses Amazon S3, very clean and friendly design by Daniel Burka and coded by a woman, Leah Culver (probably not the most p.c. thing to draw attention to that fact but I think it’s cool), even the name of the parent company is fun; Megatechtronium. Great job all around.

  1. How do you get an invitation to pownce? I’m always curious to try new stuff out ;)

  2. Someone I know sent me one, I guess you either had to be part of the first round to have invites to give or they “appear” in your account after a certain time because I have none to give.

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