Portes ouvertes

Oups. So with all the “channels” I have for announcements; my Twitter, Station C’s Twitter, Station C’s blog, Facebook… I ended up forgetting to post about it here(!!). Today we are holding an open doors at Station C, we have a lot more guys around here than gals and we want to have a more natural balance of women and men so until March 24th we are offering $100 off for women who sign up as Resident or Lite members (6 month contracts). Today is offered to help folks try out the space and we are making it an official free open day to drop by and see what it’s all about. It’s open to everyone so feel free to come say hi and setup for a few hours to work. There will be an Open Salad lunch so bring a couple of ingredients if you want and we’re offering deserts from Les co’Pains d’abord.

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