10 days ago I was playing in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament and busted my left knee but good. I had to quit after one game (out of four), find a lift back home (it was a night tournament so no metro), lost the fee I payed and missed out on a lot of fun. Since then I’ve been limping everywhere, applying heat, crawling down stairs, wearing a knee brace, cutting down on going places to rest it, taking Advil (ahhhh sweet, sweet Advil), adjusting my schedule because it takes me longer to walk places, etc.

Why am I telling you this? Not to give you the chance to tell me I should see someone, or to tell me I should be on crutches, no no, I’m telling you this so you can have some perspective when I tell you that all that is nothing, nothin’ I tell ya! When compared with the pain (yes, pain), frustration and, dare I say it, despair that has been unleashed on me in that same time by the plague that is Internet Explorer in all it’s wondrously twisted and perverted versions. In the end I had to relinquish and use a box model hack to feed THREE different values to various browsers. <swears />… <swears some more />… <curses bill /> <smiles evilly because in the end he won />


Bill March 23, 2004

Request: please specify Mr. Gates when cursing Bills. *sniff*

Martine March 23, 2004

So let me get this straight: Bill busted your kneecap?


Patrick March 23, 2004

You got it exactly right Martine! :-D

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