1. Is it weird that I’m impressed by Wells Fargo’s postage stamps service?

    My main banking is done with Desjardins. Mostly because they have a branch at my work but also because I just prefer credit unions to big banks. But man, is their website ever painful to use, particularly when you jump from your accounts to look at other services. It looks like something from 7 years ago and it doesn’t make changing your automated bill payments terribly easy. They could take a tip or two from the Wells Fargo.

  2. I still prefer an ATM that works, even if it looks like DOS 2.1, than one that has rounded corners and gradients and will crash with the blue screen of death while you wait for your money.

  3. Ouin, j’voulais faire un post la dessus parce que j’ai jamais vu un interface web aussi mal chiĆ© que celui des caisses Desjardins.

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