Paris “Off Conference” Notes

  • I don’t get tired of Paris. I think I’m starting to know my way around too much though.
  • Wifi was harder to come by initially but there’s a good number of free wifi places.
  • I finally understand why some are begging for H&M stores around here.
  • Italian food is more my style but damn, the french know their cooking stuff.
  • Our metro system is great and yet sucks at the same time.
  • Stylish Sorbonne students.
  • Can someone explain to me why the terms shawarma and shish taouk don’t seem to mean the same thing in any two cities? Some kick ass shawarmas were consumed regardless.
  • Stylish Parisian women.
  • Pain au chocolat baby. Tartelette aux fraises.
  • Scarfy goodness.
  • “J’parle pas anglais tabarnak!! Juste un peux d’accent québécois”. Connard.
  • Sometimes snootyness is cute.

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