Ooohhh Canadaaaaa

Canadian junior’s team wins the gold at the world’s, with only 6 goals alowed in 6 games. The under 17 team also won gold, actually, Canada had many teams and the Québec unit won the tournament, Cool! Next up; olympic women and men’s where Canada has a chance for gold in both cases. Then maybe Lord Stanley back in the country with the Senators… or Flames?

While I’m on hockey, could the freakin habs suck more ass? Where are all the journalists who were saying the “new rules” are advantageous for the bleu blanc rouge? And when’s the last time Theodore stole a game by himself? Not since the 2002/2003 season I believe. At the salary he’s pulling, I expect him to bring in at least 2-3 games on his own, per season. I’ve also lost all respect for his buddy Ribeiro, dragging your feet so much when you had a chance to shine… pas fort.

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edemay January 9, 2006

Go Sens Go.

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