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I’ve never been to New York and stayed in a hotel I payed for. I’ve visited friends or stayed in hotels payed by the company. In November we’re going to FOWD and we’re looking for a place to stay. Holy Hell is that place fucking expensive!! Any suggestions? (Hotel, B&B, apartment, etc.)

[Update] We are aware of the Gershwin, seems everyone I know has stayed there. Not available for our dates.

  1. While I was planning a trip in NYC in May, me frined Harry told me “got this great hotel and at 265$ per night it’s really cheap for this time of the year”.

    I couldn’t believe it. So I shopped around, for about a week, mostly online and – dang – I could not find a better price/quality ratio (and I am usually quite easy to satisfy, as long as it’s clean).

    Well, followed his advice anyway, stayed at the QT Hotel, the place was awesome and included breakfast, the pool/spa was something to see too.

    Made up the overbudgeting of the hotel by eating in great/cheap chinese restaurants and a few streetcart sandwiches (of course, we kept money aside to go see Avenue Q on Broadway and eat some great food at night in nice SOHO spots).

  2. do a search for “ny apartment short-term rental” etc… I’ve done that twice, and stayed in a decent studio once in east village, and once in greenwich village – for about $150/night (?).

  3. Yeah, we’ve done that. For only 4 nights apartments that are available don’t seem to go down to $150. I’m also pretty surprised that $150 for a hotel is considered super cheap. Sounds about right for an apartment though.

  4. If you are able to get a good price at QT, I also heard great comments about it (MAH & Pascale staid there for a w-e in august).

    We stayed at the thirty-thirty http://www.thirtythirty-nyc.com/ which was the cheapest we had found when we were there in the summer. Rooms are minuscule, but clean, and well situated (mid-town: you can walk to most places)

    I had also checked out that one: http://www.marrakechhotelnyc.com which had very decent prices and looked overall pretty interesting – except for the fact that I was looking for a vacation in NY, not in Marrakesh :) but still, it’s worth a look…

    For apartments, these are quite interesting: http://www.woogo.com/index.html but depending on the time of the year they can be pretty cheap or very expensive…

    And yeah, I had the same reaction when I was looking, lodging is unbelievably expensive in NYC!!

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