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I’ve never been to New York and stayed in a hotel I payed for. I’ve visited friends or stayed in hotels payed by the company. In November we’re going to FOWD and we’re looking for a place to stay. Holy Hell is that place fucking expensive!! Any suggestions? (Hotel, B&B, apartment, etc.)

[Update] We are aware of the Gershwin, seems everyone I know has stayed there. Not available for our dates.


hugh October 5, 2007

i’ve had good luck with craigslist lately.

Patrick October 5, 2007

We’re looking there too.

Sylvain Carle October 5, 2007

While I was planning a trip in NYC in May, me frined Harry told me “got this great hotel and at 265$ per night it’s really cheap for this time of the year”.

I couldn’t believe it. So I shopped around, for about a week, mostly online and – dang – I could not find a better price/quality ratio (and I am usually quite easy to satisfy, as long as it’s clean).

Well, followed his advice anyway, stayed at the QT Hotel, the place was *awesome* and included breakfast, the pool/spa was something to see too.

Made up the overbudgeting of the hotel by eating in great/cheap chinese restaurants and a few streetcart sandwiches (of course, we kept money aside to go see Avenue Q on Broadway and eat some great food at night in nice SOHO spots).

Sylvain Carle October 5, 2007

Oups, late week typo “my friend Harry” was what I wanted to type!

hugh October 6, 2007

do a search for “ny apartment short-term rental” etc… I’ve done that twice, and stayed in a decent studio once in east village, and once in greenwich village – for about $150/night (?).

Patrick October 6, 2007

Yeah, we’ve done that. For only 4 nights apartments that are available don’t seem to go down to $150. I’m also pretty surprised that $150 for a hotel is considered super cheap. Sounds about right for an apartment though.

F. October 7, 2007

If you are able to get a good price at QT, I also heard great comments about it (MAH & Pascale staid there for a w-e in august).

We stayed at the thirty-thirty http://www.thirtythirty-nyc.com/ which was the cheapest we had found when we were there in the summer. Rooms are minuscule, but clean, and well situated (mid-town: you can walk to most places)

I had also checked out that one: http://www.marrakechhotelnyc.com which had very decent prices and looked overall pretty interesting – except for the fact that I was looking for a vacation in NY, not in Marrakesh :) but still, it’s worth a look…

For apartments, these are quite interesting: http://www.woogo.com/index.html but depending on the time of the year they can be pretty cheap or very expensive…

And yeah, I had the same reaction when I was looking, lodging is unbelievably expensive in NYC!!

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