Not Fair

It’s not fair. The Penguins who had Lemieux now seem to have the next Gretzky (Crosby) and the next Lemieux. What do we have? Frickin’ Koivu.


Stéphane Z. October 26, 2006

We have Guillaume Laaaa-ten-dresssssssse ;) In the 2nd trio, wow ! Attach your tuque Boston and other opponents !

Michel October 26, 2006

When you’re ready to accept having the Habs come in last for a couple of seasons, then we’ll have our own Crosby/Malkin.
Unfortunately, the stress is to always make the playoffs, ergo no high pick in the draft.
Quid pro quo.

Patrick October 26, 2006

steph: They tried Latendresse on the 2nd a couple of times, is it “official” now? Not that will make a big difference. Don’t get me started on the morons putting crazy pressure and insane hopes on him by yelling “Guy, Guy, Guy” at him.

michel: I’m soooo ready to waste a couple of years for a player like that. No question. Too late though, probably another 10 years before a player remotely at that level comes along. Actually, I’m ready for them to trade half the team away for a higher draft pick (on a good draft year) and then have a crappy ass team for two years while the new star matures. What does a team that makes the series and lasts one round bring anyway??

Michel October 26, 2006

What does making the series bring? About $1million per game played at home.
To tell the truth, as long as we’re ahead of Toronto, I’m happy.

Patrick October 26, 2006

What does it bring to the fans? It brings $1million to Gilette who got the club super cheap and could already sell it for more than double that so I don’t really care what it brings him.

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