New Wi-Fi Stuff

A couple of new things in Wi-Fi around town. First off, Sympatico is now offering (fr) wireless routers integrated in their high-speed modems so you can “unwire” your home. Nice.

Second, four cellular service providers have come to an agreeement to simply pass on wireless hotspot fees to their cell phone bill instead of setting up separate payment. Sounds like a good idea since it means by the minute billing instead of buying hours or days, of course then it’s a question of how insanely expensive they might make it but hey, it’s a start I guess. A bit of spin in their announcement though:

Currently, anyone with a laptop computer or cellphone capable of browsing the Internet must use a credit card and pay in advance for any of the numerous hotspots springing up all over the country.

“Numerous hotspots”. Really? Where?

In an effort to spur the availability of public commercial hotspots, the four carriers have committed to build more than 500 hotspot locations over the next year, more than doubling the number of locations already in use in Canada.

500 across Canada. Wow. You mean compared to the thousands in NY? Woooo, impressive.