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Only 6.5 more months before Spidey’s back and fighting what looks like a very well made Dr. Octopus.

The Chronicles of Riddick looks like it might very well be the last big movie deal Vin Diesel gets but I’d like to be proved wrong.

This on the other hand is certain to suck some major ass.

And finally, Mindhunters seems to be right on the brink between decent and sliding into crap but I’d like it to work, Val’s due for a big hit. Probably wont though.


lightspeedchick June 17, 2003

Runaway Jury was a nice good summer read, and I think John Cusack will be a good lead. But Hackman as the corporate bad guy? Not very original. I can’t wait to see it anyway. I love to see book adaptations onscreen.

The one I’m really looking forward to is Master and Commander, because it’s supposedly Billy Boyd’s last movie before heading into a music career. So that’s on my to read list before the fall.

So much more to say, but I don’t wanna be a squatter… ;)

Patrick June 17, 2003

Squatt away, squatt away :)

I’m usually disapointed with book adaptations but I love it when they’re good so I keep going to see them. High Fidelity and About a boy were great adaptations of Nick Hornby books. Adaptation was fantastic but I havent read The Orchid Thief so I cant really judge. LOTR was excellent but I read the book so long ago I’m not sure my opinion is worth much. Relic sucked mucho ass (I’m currently reading another book by them which is why I had that older exemple in mind).

aj December 18, 2003

Yeah, that Torque thing looks like some braindead studio exec looked at the numbers for Fast + Furious 2 and the Matrix and said “Hey! How about a kung fu wirework hot rod motorcycle flick with bullet time?”

Don’t they know that Sofia Coppola is the new black?

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