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Allright, should do for now. This is a redesign for CSS Reboot. I started wayyyyy later than expected so not everyting is in place yet and, honestly, it’s not as big a departure as I hoped but hey, whachagonnado? Don’t go looking at the code too much, accessibility, etc. But, visually, it should be pretty much the way it’s supposed to be. Tested on Safari, Firefox Mac and Windows and IE 6.


blork July 12, 2003

For a minute there I was thinking “boy, this change really is subtle” because it looked exactly the same to me. Then I read about the Trabant image and I said “Huh? I don’t see no stinkin’ Trabant!”

It turns out my browser didn’t load your new CSS. I just refreshed the browser and ka-boom, new layout.

Nice layout!

BTW, I saw a Trabant in San Francisco last week!

blork July 12, 2003

One criticism: the background image shows through against white text in the comments (at least it does in my browser–Mozilla). The result is the black text is hard to read, and link text is absolutely impossible to read (“posted by” link, for example).

aj July 14, 2003

very nize!

Much more readable IMHO. For what it’s worth, looks fine on Windows IE 6.

Mathieu July 14, 2003

Trs russi. J’aime le pattern du fond.

Patrick July 14, 2003

Merci, merci. :)

En effet, un des buts tait de rendre ca plus lisible. Comme je disais, le design datait d’il y a un certain temps et depuis je me suis sensibilis l’accessibilit.

btw: the problem mentionned by Blork is fixed. Thanks for the help.

blork November 1, 2005

Yay for green!

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