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I’m sure you’ve already seen it everywhere but I’ll talk about it anyway, Apple announced today the new iPhone 3G, it’s even displayed on the canadian site! No price yet but according to Stevo they are enforcing a $199US price around the globe so we shouldn’t get screwed tooo much. They also list Fido as a sales point which hopefully means they’ll have a data plan to match, not just with Rogers. Of course, it remains to be seen if either one is available without the phone but let’s hope.

New features include 3G, GPS, a new form factor (they say smaller but it actually looks more profiled and thicker in parts) and a black backplate. It will also be syncing “over the air” using MobileMe which should be extremely useful.

Going back to pricing, the Nokia N95 is probably the closest thing to the iPhone feature wise and it’s selling for around $660US, making the new iPhone less than a third the price with, lets face it, a way, way, way better OS. The Nokia, and all other phones really, are something completely different from computers, they are now getting close to one by constantly evolving from the crap that all phones were not that long ago. The iPhone on the other is a very very small Mac with an (almost) complete personal computer OS, real browser, etc.

The most advanced phone is three times the price of the smallest computer that also features a phone. That’s nuts. I’d really love to know how the whole production chain works and which prices are involved. I’d also like to know how R&D figures into it. Overall I just can’t figure out how they can possibly sell all of that at that price when phones are at those other prices. Apple leverages the whole computer development? Phone makers are making loads of money? Apple selling at no profit? Mix of all that and more?

[Update] Seems the commenters were right and the iPhone is subsidized. AT&T won’t be making paiements related to monthly fees anymore, they’ll just pay lump sums on every sale. There will also be a penalty for phones not activated within 30 days and they are hiking up the data plan prices.

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