My Diet Is Working

For the last few months I’ve been on a diet and it’s working well, I’m finally under 200… feeds. Yeah, at my highest I subscribed to over 280 RSS feeds, well on my way to 300. It was taking me too long to read through the whole thing (duh) so I started cutting back and last week I went through a couple more categories and cut it down to 197.

Now I’m sure most (all?) of you are thinking I’m nutters to even be over 100 and a lot are thinking more than 50 is already overkill. I think it’s actually pretty reasonable, first and foremost because I consider it part of my job, I feel I need to know as much as I can and be on top of things, following a lot of different sources is a big part of that.

Also, not all of those are blogs with long posts, I’ve got a good number of photologs and linklogs which are pretty quick to go through, a few CSS galleries which are also a quick parse. A couple of less common choices;

  • Comments posted on my pictures on Flickr.
  • Comments on posts where I’ve commented myself. (Flickr)
  • A couple of Flickr tag feeds.
  • My own blog, La Flamme Rouge which I take care off and the Yulblog metablog. All to make sure everything’s ok.
  • Île Sans Fil’s new hotspots feed to know where I can now go work from.

    There are also 17 feeds under the “probation” category, blogs/ressources that have to prove themselves quickly or they’re out of there.

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