Moron To Moron To Moron

I’m endlessly impressed with how much some morons just don’t seem to realize (and/or care) they are living in a society and pay no attention whatsoever to people around them.

Behind door number one; metro moron with hood over the head, seeing nothing around, backpack stretching two feet behind and free crappy paper held in front while others are pressed together like no human beings should be except when reproducing.

Behind door number two; magazine rack moron laying his reading material on the shelves in front of him, hiding half the tiles displayed and not moving an inch until you push him out of the way even though you’ve been leaning in for 2 minutes, trying to have him take a hint.

Behind door number three; (currently next to me) cell phone moron planning his trip to hawaii for the last hour on the phone, speaking loud enough that I can’t hear the music. Genius. Pure fucking genius. Just go ahead and drown when you get to your frickin’ surf spot, asshole!

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