I’m a big fan of Robert J Sawyer and once again, he came through. Not quite on the level of the Neanderthal Parallax trilogy but damn good nonetheless. In this one, the technology to copy someone’s mind to an artificial brain and body has been developped and we follow some of the first people to go through the procedure as they adapt to their new life and how their family and society reacts to their appearance.

That’s all I’ll say about the plot itself but I’ll mention that, like in most of his books, it’s set in the near future (2045) and uses a number of pop culture references to draw us in and to provide comic relief as well as commenting on today’s society. The settings and possible paths for our future that Sawyer comes up with are what have me coming back at every new book but that grasp and use of pop culture and current events is what puts him ahead of so many other writers. “The Reagan”, presidents Buchanan and Clinton, Jays vs Blue Jays, etc. etc. are all little touches that make a big difference and have me eagerly blasting through everything he writes.