Marvel Clout

A very interesting article detailing some of deals (and their evolution) Marvel has been making to bring their superheros to the movie screen and how much money they are making from licensing. Especially impressive to see how much of their money comes from comics vs the movies.

Begun 65 years ago, Marvel produces 60 comic book titles a month and maintains a loyal fan base and dominance in the market. But comic publishing contributes just 15 percent of the company’s operating profits. Licensing revenue from films and related merchandise contributes 83 percent.


John July 22, 2004

DC Comics could take a lesson from Marvel – create your own company for films, maintain control and quality, make beaucoup bucks. Because they didn’t do what Marvel did, we have things like a Catwoman film that has nothing to do with its comic origins. And then there’s the bizarre rumour about Jack Black playing Green Lantern.

To think ten years ago, Marvel was bankrupt and poised to be taken over by DC Comics.

Patrick July 22, 2004

I didn’t realize it was 10 years ago, I would have guessed even more recent…

I love Jack but: noooooooooooooooooo. Unless maybe he plays one of those alien Lanterns ;)

lightspeedchick July 25, 2004

Licensor’s rights are becoming increasingly far-reaching, and I sometimes wonder where it’s going to stop.

To give an example, Warner will now be demanding more money from game developers who make badly-rated games based on their licenses:

You can see how this could potentially be applied to movies. And of course, although the spirit of a clause like this is understandable, in practice it is already fraught with problems: who is providing these “ratings”? how will the policy affect creative choices, and the objectivity of ratings themselves?

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