Mala educación, La

Went to the movies this afternoon with my good friend F. We saw La mala educación, the latest Almodovar “pelicula”. Excellent, as always. Couple of nice twists, great acting and, one of my favorite qualities lately, short. I don’t necessarily want movies to be short but if they don’t need to be 2 hours then they shouldn’t.

Since it’s somewhat graphic and a very uncommon story we agreed that it’s not something that would be made here (Québec but even more so for the rest of North-America) and were wondering if it’s specific to Spanish movies to be so… real, unvarnished or if it’s all over Europe. Kind of hard to tell because even though we both see European movies not everything comes here.

For my lady readers; if you’re a fan of Gael García Bernal, run to the theater when it comes out everywhere, you’ll be getting an eye full. Some quasi nude scenes and one that’s a mix of Swimming pool and the pink underpants opening from Lost in translation… but for women.

Side note, ‘cause it’s bugging me and there’s no one here: While we were talking for a few minutes before the movie, two seats down there was a Marie-Josée Croze look alike looking in my direction a bunch of times. Eye contacts’r’us. Two guys then joined her. Movie. First look to my left to talk with F after the movie: she’s looking again. Didn’t do anything. Didn’t know what to do. Didn’t know if one of the guys was the boyfriend. Aaarggh.


John October 18, 2004

Marie-Josée Croze is totally single and totally hot – hot for YOU!

Martine October 18, 2004

Hard to do anything in a movie theater…

Maybe you should post an add in the newspaper, in the “Missed connections” section… Or maybe you’ll have to start wearing your URL on your t-shirts!

I saw The Motorcycle Diaries this weekend, and while it’s a very enjoyable movie, I have to admit that looking at Gael Garcia Bernal was one of the greatest pleasures associated with this film.

Alex October 19, 2004

You ask her this: Well, why don’t we share the chair arm, I take first half, you second.

Now man, it’s because of you I didn’t get tickets!!!! I was there on THURSDAY MORNING, no tickets for La Mala Educacion! I did get some for Palindromes though.

Patrick October 19, 2004

Hard to do with a friend and another guy between us but not bad ;)

Hehe. F bought our tickets the first day the started selling them for the festival, a couple of weeks ahead I think :-p

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