Macworld Predictions, Kinda

I’m not going to take the time to write down my own predictions, mostly because they’ve already been written by Croft and Gruber.

I predict that the iTV will include 802.11n, but will work over 802.11b just fine thanks to built in flash memory (not a hard drive) used for buffering. I also predict the iTV will be based on PortalPlayer technology and that it will be difficult to impossible to install new codecs for it. The unit will be $299, and may also be available either bundled or built-into a new Apple LCD HDTV.

I’m going to be bold on my prediction here and suggest that Apple will launch an MVNO under the name Apple Wireless, and will launch some kind of a smartphone — or at least a more smart phone. It probably won’t have a QWERTY keyboard, but probably will have great integration with, Address Book, iCal, and the like, in addition to the obvious iTunes. It should also have a camera of some sort, because, frankly, a phone wouldn’t sell today without one. If this prediction is accurate, then I’d better hope Apple doesn’t release these for another 90 days, because I’ll need time to save up for a couple of them.—Macworld 2007 Predictions

I don’t agree or at least I hope the MVNO part wont happen, I think they’ll sell them unlocked for any provider from their stores. I know, the WSJ talks about a deal with Cingular, they could have a package there and still sell direct.

And then Gruber makes me very afraid by predicting a new MacBook Pro.

Good-bye, anodized Aluminum, hello something new that plays off the design cues of the new Mac OS X user interface mentioned above. The red/yellow/green/blue candy-colored transparent elements of Aqua resemble the hardware from the old G3 iMacs and Power Macs. The aluminum PowerBooks (and, now, MacBook Pros) are the hardware counterpart to good old Brushed Metal windows. Apple’s new machines are going to be designed to look best running the new user interface.—Macworld Expo 2007 Predictions

God I hope he’s wrong. Pendergast II is only 3 weeks old man! Couldn’t you have given your predictions earlier?? I’m hoping he’s wrong, you don’t know how much.


illig January 9, 2007

I hope he’s wrong as well. Not sure I could abide in another Fanta cola color series on my desk.

(incidentally, nice work—taste of blue)

edemay January 9, 2007

ok people were off, way off. the tv thing was a given. I think Apple is doing this more and more: not giving away everything at the macworlds. there will be more special events here and there. no more “oh and one more thing”

Pis dude, um Pendergast sonne comme un nom sortant droit d’une game de D&D de Alexlauzon.

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