Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation


Martine September 27, 2003

Saw it last night too. Beautiful movie, great pace and fantastic chemistry between the actors. There were only a couple of things that bugged me: the shallow, nervous hipster husband being one of them (I did not believe in their relationship for a minute and the actor annoyed me). We got to understand Bob’s relationship with his wife but we never understood what Charlotte and her husband were about. Maybe that’s why you wanted to see more of him, Patrick!

I also didn’t get the fact that Charlotte is lost and isolated in Japan, and then one night she has all these good friends to hang out with, people she seems to feel close to and know very well. Even though the scene was great, it came out of nowhere (and out of character).

This is minor stuff and didn’t keep me from enjoying the movie though!

I wonder if a deaf person who reads lips could tell us what Bob actually says at the end (even though I enjoy the mystery)!

Patrick September 27, 2003

Yup, like I said, I didn’t like the being bored in Japan thing and you’re right to add that part, the good friends to hang out does make it even less believable. Although I guess she feels alone there because she feels alone in her mariage…

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