Looking Forward To The End Of The Day, Again

Loads and loads of things to do. Already planning to work all weekend and then, one of those days hits;

  • Can’t use the facilities because of “reno” work in the bathroom.
  • Have to shower down at the owner’s place for same reason.
  • Call from a client who’s site is completely down because their moron host upgraded the server without warning.
  • Two other random client glitches I won’t relate because I like my clients anyway and it’s the piling of randoms that’s driving me nuts, not the actual bugs ;).
  • Call lease company for laptop, they confirm my insurer is giving me BS about some requirements.
  • Have to stop by post office, forget about it, walk back 3 blocks in the rain.
  • Flee apartment, get to cafe, internet doesn’t work… for me. Everyone else is fine. Reboot, still no go. Change cafes.
  • On the way back come within 4-5 inches of getting run over by a moron who doesn”t understand how stop signs work.
  • Have to glare and wave at another driver at another street corner who seems to have forgotten that that green light is good for pedestrians to. (I’m not making this up, I walk by those corners 4 times a week, there’s never a problem there, except today)

    Seven hours, 10 minutes left.