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Can’t remember where I found this, might be from someone around here and everyone who reads me already knows about it but here goes anyway.

In previous versions of Safari when you right clicked on a link or image to download the associated file or the image itself you could select the destination on your hard drive. Not so in the latest (1.3 and 2.0 depending on your version of OSX), now you simply get “Download Linked File” and it sends it to your standard download directory. Which bugs me. Here’s the tip: if you hit the “Option” key while the little menu is down, the prompt changes to “Download Linked File As…” and it then works as it used to.

Also, I use tabs a lot and I’m used to switching from one too the next with “Shift+Apple+Right/Left Arrow”. Apple added some more functionality when entering text in a text area, such as “Apple+Z” for undo and “Shift+Apple+Left/Right Arrow” to select a line within the text. Problem, that interfers with the same keys used to navigate tab to tab. Which bugged the hell out of me when posting in Textpattern because I’d be writing the post, hit the keys to go back to the tab I was posting about and it didn’t work. In that situation, you can use “Shift+Apple+{ or }” to switch tabs. Sweet. Except of course if you’re using the french canadian keyboard at the time. Doh!… then you can always use “Option+Apple+Space” to swap keyboards ;).

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