Little Things

Beth writes the Cassandra pages and has just moved to Montréal with her husband. She’s writing about the experience pretty much every day and it’s very interesting to read, while at the same time bringing a feeling of more than a little pride at the welcome she’s been receiving. It’s also a good way to rething some of the things I see every day, I’ve encountered pretty much all the details she mentions and even some of the same people but as a person who’s just moved in she sees all the wonderful things while I notice some of the negatives. Good reminder to switch that outlook.


beth July 15, 2004

Patrick, thank you! I just took a quick look at some of your photos – the ones of Chamonix took me back there instantly – beautiful – and what a great day you had for seeing the mountains! Did you go up the funicula?

Patrick July 16, 2004

Thanks :). No we didn’t, the one going up l’Aiguille broke a couple of days before we got there and was still under repair.

beth July 16, 2004

Too bad! It was hair-raising but one of the more memorable rides of my life, except for being filled with a party of loud American tourists, who made me cringe the entire time. But, also, how about the regular auto road going to Chamonix? Not really what one finds around here.

Patrick July 16, 2004

Not around here but I’ve been to the rockies a few times, pretty windy and elevated roads there too.

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