Little PDF Trick

I had a meeting this afternoon and wanted to show various designs to the clients so we could start getting a direction for the visual aspects of the site.

Since the meeting was in a non-Wifi enabled place, before I left I started opening a bunch of tabs in Safari but in going through the design links I’ve got “bookmarked” in my local wiki there were a few that had changed to something less appealing or that had completely disappeared.

Instead of keeping all those tabs opened and because I didn’t want to loose ohter examples in the future I decided to try another angle. A few weeks ago I installed Saft because it saves tabs when you close the browser and allows you to save a tab set to reload later. It also adds an “Export PDF” link in the contextual menu so I started a file where I’m dumping designs, it’s a one click 2 second thing and should prove useful again.

It also saves the whole page, not only the view port like a screen grab would do. It did have a problem with stylesheets on a couple of sites but overall I’m pretty satisfied.

I’m thinking it might also be a good idea for articles I want to keep but don’t feel like cut and pasting, much quicker. Mainly though, it’s going to be useful to show stuff to clients, just like today.


Alex August 18, 2004

If I’m understanding right—you want your browser to open with the same tabs as when you last closed it—Opera’s been doing that and calls them “Sessions”—And I don’t know if there’s Opera for MAC—and I don’t want to sound like an Opera freak (it seems all I do on your blog is talk about Opera)—but yes, it’s a great browser!

Patrick August 18, 2004

That is what I was looking for but Saft adds it to Safari. There is an Opera for Mac but I don’t really like the interface and it’s got ads unless you pay for it.

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