A bunch of things, some funny, some I didn’t have much to say about, some I haven’t gotten to yet..


blork March 11, 2004

That swiss army knife is sweeeet! But (typically) when you combine device you often end up with a more restricted device than if you kept them separate. In this case, you essentially can’t travel with your USB flash drive because it has a knife attached.

Patrick March 11, 2004

Good point on the travel aspect! But even though I think the concept is nice I wasn’t really considering it, first off it’s got the iMac transparent plastic thing that’s so 4 years ago and second, it looks like it’s the small “nail clipper” version which is pretty much useless, might as well just buy a USB memory thing by itself.

Martine March 11, 2004

That Steve Martin thing is really funny, but a little too close for comfort. Wait until I tell you what title the (perhaps) new director has suggested for the movie I’m working on…

The tatoo stuff is hilarious!

Great rings! Amazon wish lists should come with a ring size section. ;-)

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