Les Blogs 2.0

The most astute readers (and ehhh, those who are here all the time because it’s only been a couple of hours) will have noticed that there is a little banner at right, leading to the Les Blogs 2.0 conference page. I’ll be there. w00t!

Thanks to the ever working energizer m-c, via her meïdia studio—which I will collaborate with on some projects—and a little governement program she uncovered we will be attending Les Blogs 2.0 in Paris. I’ll let her give more details when time permits since, after all, she did all the work but in the mean time, if you are a reader of this blog or have buddies who might be interested in collaborating/contracting with/meeting/having a beer with us during the 5-6 days we will be there (Decembre 2nd to 8th or about), we’d be more than happy to know about it. The main purpose of the trip is networking with related companies and potential clients so go nuts, refer people!