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In the last few weeks I’ve been contemplating buying a 12” Powerbook*. One of the reason for it is that they do screen spanning which the iBook I have doesn’t do.** So as a “side daydream” I’ve been taking peeks at 19” LCD screens. I’m noticing though that they only go up to 1280×1024, same as 17”s, why would you buy a 19” then? I want more pixels, not bigger ones. I’m sure there are other specs that only the bigger screens have but still, I’m disapointed at the resolution.

Has anyone shopped for those? What are the good brands (Sony, Viewsonic, Samsung?), models, things to look out for. Obviously I could find all that with some research but I’m looking for the quick and lazy answer.

While you’re at it. What are the good models for external Firewire hard drives? I’m thinking 80 to 160Gb, something like the LaCie d2. Having a place to dump a quick image of my laptop’s hd would be safer than just the 1.5-2 month CD backup I currently have. I could also rip all my cds on it and trash or sell my CD “collection”.

*I know, new models in January but by the time they are actually available the fiscal year might be finished.

**I know, there’s a hack. I don’t trust hacks like that and besides, I also want more speed.

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