Last Chance

After some admins “defected” I’m left as sole admin for the Montréal Group on Flickr. Neither myself nor any of the previous admins have ever taken any care of the group except for accepting new people in.

One of the members has been asking to become an admin to prune images, take care of the community, etc. I agree that that’s much needed but she also wants to be the only admin and doesn’t want to share the duties. I couldn’t care less in terms of my “adminship” but I also don’t think one person should be taking care of the whole thing, especially considering she already is the only admin for tens of groups related to the province.

So, anyone else interested in becoming an admin for the group and actually doing some work with it? I’m asking here instead of in the group in the hopes that someone I know will step up, if not I’ll post there and somewhat randomly chose admins but I’m thinking the same person will simply make the same offer to them and grab the group.


Frank April 7, 2007

I’d offer to join on as admin, but I’d likely do the same thing as you are doing. I’d do it just to pad my resume. But seriously, if you are only looking for warm bodies, I’ll join you as admin.

Patrick April 8, 2007

Huh no, that’s exactly the point, I’m looking for someone to work on it, not just warm bodies :-p

Ella April 9, 2007

I could do it

Patrick April 9, 2007

Ahah! Cool! I have another possible volunteer who’s going to have a look, see what it entails and get back to me but I have no problem giving it to a couple of people to share.

Ella April 11, 2007

yeah I think it’s better to have more than one, I’m no control freak

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