Kill Bill… Twice!

I love Quentin Tarantino movies and I was looking forward to Kill Bill but this idea of splitting the movie in two is moronic!

But with preliminary versions running at three hours, it was almost twice as long as a normal movie, meaning theaters would have fewer screenings in a day and risk losing ticket sales.

Poor, poor movie theaters, making us pay through the nose already with high prices will know have the chance to make us pay twice for the same movie. “Almost twice as long as a normal movie” my foot! Almost all movies are within minutes of the 2 hour mark. Granted, 3 hours is pretty long, especially adding up the sitting early to get a good seat and the nearly 20 minutes of ads and previews but splitting a movie in two?? And dont give me The Matrix example, those were made to be two movies from the start.

If they absolutely have to be morons and do this couldnt they put both parts out at the same time and encourage theaters to offer a deal when buying tickets for both? More than the money though it’s the feeling of getting scr**ed over that gets me.

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